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Whyx use AccentReady as your accent reduction coach?

Yao - Accent Reduction Coach | Vancouver

Yao was born in Jiangsu, China, where he began his career as a news anchor at a local radio station. Yao’s scope of expertise increased with the acquisition of a degree in English literature, followed by a job as a linguistics specialist at the Canadian Consulate in Shanghai. After studying in France, where Yao achieved fluency (accent free) in just ten months, Yao published a DVD exploring accelerated language techniques using music. Yao went on teach related courses at the Chanzen Institute of Columbia University in New York, while also working as a Verbal Identity Consultant for Interbrand. Yao has also consulted for Fortune 500 firms such as L’Oréal, Dow Chemicals and General Motors among others. A career highlight was coaching the cast of the Metropolitan opera on the pronunciation of the French lyrics in Bizet’s Carmen.

Yao’s incredible language skills have also attracted the spotlight of the international media, the specialist appearing on programs such as Asia Times, TV Japan, BC Business and The Deal, to name only a few.

Yao is currently fluent in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, but is also mastering German and Polish.

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How do I help you with accent reduction?

1. Meet with you and pinpoint your pronunciation issues;

2. Prescribe exercise that solve your articulation challenges;

3. Set-up a study plan and objective;

What you could expect from my service?

1. You will have to be willing to work hard. I can help, but you have to practise frequently with the methods given to you.

2. Yes, you can speak accent free - like a native speaker (I did that with my French within a few month starting from zero); However, significantly reduced accent shall be your short term objective.

3. You take no risk. Initial consultation is at an introductory nominal charge of $9, we will meet and I will give you a thorough assessment, I will also provide you a strategy as to how we can work together to perfect your accent. This $9 will count toward the package described below if you choose to proceed with me and complete payment on the day of our first meeting; But you have no obligation to proceed. *This offer is for the first time students only and the program will end in two weeks once it's started, it can not be interrupted, delayed or postponed; No refund once the program starts.

Private tutoring fees - accent reduction coaching

This is what I offer:

$199 Package (2 weeks of intensive program which includes):

(1) Initial consultation 20 min at a nominal charge of $9 (For me to gain a basic idea of your strength and main weakness, set up goals)

(2) 2 week long (daily Monday to Friday, homework and feedback session via Whatsapp). Daily homework will be sent to you via Whatsapp, you are expected to send homework back to me by 5pm daily. I will provide feedback and assign new homework based on your progress.

You and people around you will be excited to notice significant changes in the way you speak! I have successfully helped hundreds of students improved their accent, many of them sound just like native speakers - so can you! Imagine what your professional, social, and academic life would be like when you speak accent free!

*This offer is for the first time students only and the program will end in two weeks once it's started, it can not be interrupted, delayed or postponed; No refund once the program starts.

Additional Notes

Depending on your current accent, do not expect overnight result; Expect that result will come with hard work. You may need months of commitment in order to notice big improvement.

If you are motivated and serious about improving your accent - which you certainly are if you are looking at this website, you will be AMAZED at what you would have achieved in as short as 2-4 weeks! Give yourself a chance and speak ACCENT FREE now, you can do it!

Imagine, when you talk, your words will captivate your audience, you communicate with clarity, precision, and style. It's because you have hired Vancouver's top accent reduction coach.

Please make sure that you have WhatsApp installed.

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If you are thinking about English accent reduction and needing help with pronunciation, I´m sure that Yao is your best bet. I have had many teachers, but I have to acknowledge that Yao has been the best of all, because of his didactical and pedagogical system and his professional dedication.
- Miguel Fernández