What is Accent reduction?

Accent reduction, also referred to as Accent improvement, accent modification. There are foreign accent and regional accent, we work with people who learned English as a second language (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish etc..)

Why your foreign accent will negatively impact your opportunity to get a job?

While companies are not allowed to discriminate against accent, but it's no secret that foreign can pose communication challenges at workplace. This could lead to lost of productivity at work, miscommunication, undermines teamwork. So unless your talent is so outstanding to override all these shortcomings, it's hard to compete someone who speaks well with equal talent and credentials.

How much does your accent reduction service cost?

fees & schedule here

Can I really "lose" my accent?

Absolutely yes, people around us have done that and so can you. But it takes dedication and hard work, in the short term your goal should be improved accent. Working with me, I will assure that we can achieve this amazing objective in as short as 3-5 weeks.

When does your class start?

I only offer private accent reduction training as private one-on-one coaching at my place in East Vancouver by Commercial Drive. The session starts when you are ready, email me now to setup an appointment with me. Click here for fees